“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” – Dr. Seuss

You have everything you need to live your best life already inside you. I’m here to help you find your way.

When was the last time your doctor asked you about what you eat? Or you had the opportunity to spend an hour with a trained professional discussing your health goals? Do you spend your life in a constant state of worry, always feeling stressed, or simply sick and tired of it all? As your personal health coach and hypnotherapist, I work with you to integrate healthy habits into your daily life. Taking a holistic approach, we’ll work together on finding balance for better well-being in all areas of your life – physically, emotionally, spiritually, and relationally.

Please take advantage of the free 20 minute consultation for new clients as a way to meet me and allow me to introduce my approach to you, as well as to have someone just listen to your questions or concerns. I’m here to help guide and support you along the way to living your very best life.

What coaching / hypnotherapy CAN help you:

  • Lose weight and gain health
  • Fix your relationship with food
  • Overcome sugar addiction
  • Repattern your eating habits
  • Break unhealthy habits / foster healthy ones
  • Combat allergies
  • Get more restful sleep
  • Enhance your libido
  • Become a better decision maker
  • Better manage daily stress
  • Experience relief from pain – physical AND emotional
  • Increase your self confidence
  • Enhance your creativity, social, and problem solving skills
  • Root out limiting thoughts and beliefs
  • Gain control over anxiety, fears, and phobias
  • Set and successfully accomplish goals
  • Improve physical or mental stamina

What coaching / hypnotherapy CANNOT do:

  • Make you do things you do not want to do, or act against your moral code
  • Take control of you in any way
  • Permanently remove memories or thoughts from your mind
  • Regrow body parts, create psychic abilities, or bestow supernatural powers
  • Cause you to lose weight overnight
  • Enable you to eat unhealthy foods or use toxic substances with no consequences
  • Cure chronic or terminal illnesses (YOU might be able to, your coach/hypnotherapist is not a medical doctor)
  • Change OTHER people and their actions
  • Make you an instant millionaire
  • Change you or your life in any way if you choose to not do the work needed