Signature Programs

Looking for a weight loss program that actually works? Check out my specialty 12 Week Diet Detox program that will help you reset your life!

Tweens/Teens Take Charge

Help your tween or teen take charge of their own health and set them up for a lifetime of wellness. With this program your child will learn how to eat healthier, get better sleep, improve hygiene, manage stress, and build healthier relationships. This six-month program includes 30-minute weekly tween/teen coaching and education sessions, with 15-minute family check-ins at each session. $150 per month, requires a 6-month commitment. $100 per month each additional child from the same family.

Building a Healthy Brain

Specially geared toward families blessed with ADD/ADHD brains, this program will teach you what our brains need for optimal performance and how to get those nutrients into your family’s diet. During the first few weeks of this six-month program, we’ll work together in weekly 1-hour sessions to provide you with an educational foundation for brain building through nutrition. After that, you’ll start putting all your newfound knowledge and strategies to work while receiving individualized support for managing stress and lifestyle factors that affect brain function in the form of weekly 1-hour coaching sessions. $200 per month, requires a minimum 3-month commitment.



Individual hypnotherapy sessions for specific needs, including physical pain relief, self-directed disease healing, breaking unhealthy habits, overcoming fears and anxieties, battling negative and self-limiting beliefs, moving beyond emotional trauma, relaxation, stress management, and more. Can be provided separately or in conjunction with coaching. $80 per hour, billed by the quarter-hour.

Individual Coaching

Completely personalized one-on-one coaching for individuals dealing with unique health issues or who have very specific wellness goals. $40 per one-hour session, or pay in advance for weekly one-hour session – $150 per month.

Family Coaching

Some families may not have the flexibility or desire for a group program, or may be dealing with very specific wellness issues. If that sounds like you, here’s your coaching option! You’ll receive coaching uniquely personal to your family’s health and wellness goals. $50 per one-hour session, or pay in advance for weekly one-hour sessions – $175 per month.